Friday, August 9, 2019

RIP Sherman, Long Live Snurfing!

This file photo 2010 shows Sherm Poppen holding two Snurfers, a proto snowboard he created in 1965. Poppen joined two 36-inch long skis together so his daughter could play on the snow-covered hills behind their home, laying the foundation for what was to become the snowboarding revolution.

PHNX Boards is sad to say that the inventor of the Snurfer has died on 07/31/19/

I had the honor a few years ago of speaking with Sherman on the telephone when I was developing PHNX Boards.  Fifty years after his invention, it was like opening a history book and speaking directly with someone from the pages, someone who commercialized such a simple, enduring concept: snow surfing!  No, the original model did not endure more than a decade, as it was mostly displaced by snowboarding, but the original sport of snurfing is very much alive and well, as evidenced by quite a few manufacturers selling copies and variations.

With life being so hectic, complicated, and expensive, the simple act of taking a shaped piece of wood and sliding down a snow covered hill was and always will be an inexpensive, stress-releasing, magical way to experience the wonder of snow and winter outdoors.  Thank you, Sherman!

RIP Sherman, Long Live Snurfing!

Reported on 08/05 on Michigan Live.  Click HERE for the notice

Monday, April 22, 2019

NEW: PHNX UNPLUGGED...only $139...and now is the time to buy!

UNPLUG your phone, UNPLUG the internet, UNPLUG excuses...
...PLUG into Snurfing, PLUG into Adventure, PLUG into Freedom!

PHNX Boards introduces our newest snurfer, the PHNX Unplugged!

In the spirit of Less-is-More, the Unplugged is a modern version of the original snurfer, a wider, stiffer, one-size-fits-all board with the patented PHNX Board-2-Ski design with raised hex-screw foot platform for superior traction.  This is the must-have snurfer for all ages and abilities and the best time to buy one is NOW, even if there is no more snow where you are.  Why?  Because the beauty of a snurfer is that if you have one at the ready, you get FIRST TRACKS every season, every snowfall, because it only takes a couple of inches of snow to ride them!  There is nothing like the very first natural snow of the season, when those beautiful flakes start to fall.  With an UNPLUGGED snurfer, those first flakes ---and all the flakes after them---are yours to enjoy for FREE (no other equipment, no lift tickets, no skied off slopes).

Advanced riders who want even more control and safety can choose the original PHNX Trailblazer with the patented Rip-Cord Binding-Brake System.

The UNPLUGGED is the same handcrafted made-in-USA quality of the Trailblazer, with North American hard maple plys with smooth finish and minimal graphics (just the heat-stamped PHNX and Phyrclops brands) to showcase the beauty of natural wood.

At $139, including shipping, there is really no excuse not to be ready when the snow flies...or to have your 2019 holiday shopping already done!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Snurfing the Northeast Kingdom!

PHNX rider Phil Chadderdon sent this photo (taken by his wife) of a perfect day snurfing it up in the Northeast Kingdom!

Just where is the Northeast Kingdom?  So, the NEK, as it is known, comprises the northeast corner of Vermont, a tri-county area of 2,027 square miles and 55 towns.  The area is "based on a set of long-ago volcanic islands, compressed during collision with the Taconic orogeny".   What?   Let me boil that down for you: what that really means is their northern location and geology provides lots of snow and lots of great snurfing hills! 

(If you want to know more about NEK you can read the Wikepedia entry from which I quoted)

Kingdom or not, people who live up there are RICH!  OK, I don't know how much money Phil has, but if you measure wealth by blue skies, fresh tracks, fresh air, healthy pursuits, and big smiles (uh, and the wife with the camera!), he is clearly loaded. 

As for exactly where in the Kingdom Phil is snurfing, well, all he would say is:

"Danville, VT.  I promised the person who showed me that I wouldn't expose it to I can't be specific".

Of course, this is a bit funny/ironic because at the same time, Phil (like me) says "I can't get people to to go with me."  Yeah, we want to share how awesome snurfing is...but we want our secret stashes too!

OK, maybe not entirely secret, because those other tracks you see in the photo are fox tracks, which Phil saw on both sides of the hill.  It's nice to know someone else is enjoying the snow!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Ride out the storm...on a PHNX Board!

I don't know where you are, but it's been a cold, dark, DRY winter here in the Boston area.  We had one wimpy "storm" that only dropped a couple of inches about a month ago (of course, if you have a PHNX Board, only a couple of inches is good enough!).  Here we are mid-January and I'm dying to get out on my board again, and it looks like this weekend is finally it! 

Last week, I took a walk over at one of my all-time favorite hills, Peter's Hill at Arnold Arboretum.  In addition to the main hill, there is more awesome terrain off Bussey Hill, across the street, but still part of the Arboretum.  It's a heavily wooded area but the trees are spaced way out so there are tons of great lines to be had.  And, as always, there's hardly anyone ever there.  Once the snow starts flying, I'll be heading over!

(Best parking for Peter's Hill is on Bussey Street, but for Bussey Hill it's over on South Street --a couple of spots are usually available at the Public Health building over there- or maybe at the Dana Greenhouses, though I've never tried there)

So, as always when there is a storm and travelling far can be problematic, if you have a snurfer -preferably a PHNX Board Trailblazer- you can ride out the storm in real time wherever you are hunkered down.  Some of us are lucky to have hills right behind our homes, or as in the case of the Arnold Arboretum, there are hills close by hundreds of thousands of people.  You don't have to drive far to get first...and last tracks!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Is this your kid?

If it isn't your kid, it's your friend, your spouse, ...yourself!  Yes, cell phone addiction is real, and during winter it can be even worse, with cold and snow keeping people from putting their devices down, going outside, and doing something active.  And if cell phone addiction wasn't enough, there's couch potato disease!  These twin beasts can slay your focus, your energy, your health.  Fortunately, there are alternatives out there and PHNX Boards is one of them.  We build snurfer snowboards that are fun, inexpensive, and easy to use on any hill that has snow.  Perfect for all ages, from tweens and teens who have outgrown sledding to millennials and adults who want to take advantage of all the free powder snow all around and outside the expensive resorts.  You can go skiing and pay $171 for ONE day at Vail (plus all the $$gear and $$travel) or you can buy a PHNX Trailblazer for $169 (including free shipping) and snurf THE ENTIRE WINTER, anytime, anywhere there is fresh snow.  Hey, even if you do ski Vail, why would you want to miss first tracks in the woods behind your house?

With the gift-giving holidays coming up, why not consider something beyond another electronic gift that will keep them glued to their device?  Something that will get them outside in the fresh air, getting exercise, and having a ton of PHun!

PHNX Boards will make a doer out of a watcher!

Sound like an ad?   Yes, but its' also a cure!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Winter, 2018, here we come!

Welcome back, Old Man Winter!  OK, so if we can't refer to winter in that sexist way anymore, maybe just the guy with the big nose and the earbuds!  So, what's going on here, where is it and where's the Trailblazer?

Well, the PHirst snow of the season for this guy was on Mount Monadnock on November 11, up in Jaffrey, NH.  Always a great hike with a fabulous 360 degree view from the top and only 1.5 hours from Boston.  The snow in the photo was crusty, frozen, windblown, and just in a few shaded places among the rocks so no I did not get PHirst tracks with my PHNX Board!  What I did get was a great 2.5 hour round trip climb up and down the famous white dot trail, with all sorts of other people out there who know what AYADOAW means. A great way to get the legs ready for the real snow soon to come. 

During my hike, I also tested out my new Bose Sound Sport wireless earbuds and they passed with flying colors.  Yeah, I know, sacrilegious for many purists to "ruin" a hike in nature with music.  Even I used to feel that way, but I have to say it was...really cool!  I happened to be alone that day, so it's not like I tuned out my companions.  What I did do was listen to the entire two album classic: Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East and I was absolutely fueled by the Brothers' tireless jams (though not "Mountain Jam", which is on another album).  I also took the earbuds off now and again to enjoy the silence of the mountains...that is, as much silence as there is on Mount Monadnock, it being one of the most climbed mountains in the world.  So, best of both worlds, some music, some silence, and tons of fun.

So, yes, I am very much looking forward to the snow soon to come, and yes I will certainly be doing some snurfing on my PHNX Board Trailblazer along with my Bose earbuds!   What artist or album would you play while snurfing???

Friday, April 20, 2018

Old Man Winter Waves '17-'18 Season Goodbye! least in New England, that is.  This guy sure stuck around this year, fighting back spring numerous times, sending us snow after snow (mixed in with a lot of rain), up and down temperatures, and some crazy wind storms.  But finally, the warmer weather got the best of him and he disappeared into the grassy field, to become moisture rising up into the atmosphere (see the fog in the background) to circulate around and plan his return to us next winter.

Oh, BTW, there was one very important thing he wanted us to ask you before he left:

Of course, all you PHNX riders know what that means and will be filling up your spring and summer with all sorts of outdoor sports and activities.  And PHNX riders will also be ready for the first snows when they come.  Until then, enjoy your memories of winter 17/18, and say goodbye for now from some of his PHriends: