Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring break in New England!

What do New England College kids do on spring break?  Well, first they use up all their parents' frequent flyer miles to visit family in sunny, warm California! But then, when they return to another spring snow in New England, they get right back outside and do what doers do...snurf!  Oh, and by the way, in case you didn't notice, girls rock PHNX Boards too!

PHNX Boards caught sight of these two UVM'ers (Stefi and Trevor) enjoying a beautiful blue sky day on soft spring snow west of Boston.

Holy cow, not bad for a PHirst timer on a PHNX Board!  Did he actually turn the board?  Yes, for sure...just not in this clip.  Did we edit out the crash at the bottom?  ....well, maybe.   But, like all doers, he got up and went right back up the hill for another run!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Slow Down...and smell the Powder!

OK, this one minute clip probably won't win an Academy Award, but I hope it highlights two things:  First, how easy and fun it is to shoot slow motion with your cell phone (loving my Moto Z Play!), and Second, most importantly, how easy it is to take advantage of fresh snow when you have a snurfer.

I took this video in the hilly woods right outside my condo in the Boston Suburbs.  You don't need much of a hill to have a great time, and you don't need much time to get in some runs...if you have a snurfer.  This hill has a slope that's probably a hundred yards or so long, but really wide and with tons of trees to snurf around.  And since I don't have to drive anywhere, I can get in a great workout in an hour or two...outside in the fresh air and the fresh powder...and for PHREE!  Even if your own hills require a short drive, its a lot less ( than a day trip to a resort.  Why not take advantage of it?

So, if you can't "Stop and Smell the Roses" in winter, you can surely slow-motion your way through fresh powder on a snurfer!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Boston gets snow...PHinally!

From 55 to 6 degrees in one day, with 12 inches of snow!

It's been up and down this winter in Boston, warm then cold and back again over and over, but never much snow.  PHinally, a real storm dropped 12 to 14 inches of beautiful, light, fluffy powder, free for the taking. Not only that, but no school in most of the Boston area...creating a perfect storm!

Yes, driving in a blizzard can be dangerous and it's tempting to stay inside, nice and warm.  Venturing out, however, pays off big time.  Just being outside while the wind blows and the snow swirls around and collects is such a cool experience.  It can be windy-loud but at the same time naturally-quiet, without all those cars we normally hear no matter where we are (at least us urban and suburban-ites), without our footsteps making noise, and with most people still inside.  And then, of course, if you have PHNX Board snurfer, your experience is amplified further.  

I just happened to return from a trip to Arizona and California, with sun and more sun every day.  As enjoyable as that was, returning to a snowstorm reminds me of why New England is such a great place to live: maybe not as much sun and warmth, but we get changing weather that keeps us on our toes: spring, summer and fall, each with their own character, and winter, mostly dark and cold, but every so often magnificently perfect when the snowstorm rewards us with it's whirling white wonder!  

Remember the joy you felt as a kid (...if you're not a kid!) when it snowed and you had a snow day?  It's never too late.  Get off the couch, bundle up, and get outside in the snow!

Monday, January 30, 2017

PHNX in PHoenix...but where's the board?

What's wrong with this picture?  Actually, nothing!

You would think the inventor of PHNX Boards would have brought one along for his 2900 mile cross-country drive from Boston to Phoenix...or rather PHoenix.  Well to spare you a long story, lets just say he didn't.  Since most of the journey was through dry, Western landscapes, it wasn't missed...until I approached PHoenix, of course. The snow line started in Flagstaff, and at the top of the pass heading toward PHoenix a rest stop offered a tremendous view...and an even more tremendous opportunity to GLIDE!  Most people stopping were travelers and truckers passing through, but one family -three generations- had driven a half hour precisely to get to this place.  And once you stepped beyond the guard rail, it was clear the drive was worth it.  A perfect hill in a perfect landscape with several inches of fresh, untracked snow waiting to be enjoyed.  And this family, three generations together, had it all to themselves...except for the lone board-less, sled-less, passerby.  So friendly, they shared their sleds and we shared the moment.  What made it even more incredible was finding out that the young boy climbing back up the hill to take another run had Lyme disease, which would prevent him from sledding more than a couple times before being too exhausted. And his sister, also beaming with delight and trudging back uphill had diabetes, and her energy would soon deplete and end her session.  Undaunted, these kids have learned early on that "doers" carry on and "do" despite their conditions that might slow them down, and that extra effort is often rewarded by extra pleasure...pleasure that others who have it easier may never experience as finely.

Yes, I sure wish I had brought a PHNX Board and I will never make that mistake again, but you THANK YOU to this incredible family for sharing your sleds and for being such an inspiration!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Trump Tweets PHNX Boards!

Holy Cow, did Trump really Tweet that?

In the "Post-Truth" era, when the PEOTUS can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, whether it is true or not, even we are wondering if he really did Tweet support for PHNX Boards.  Was it real or was it PHake news?  Certainly, he could have, since PHNX Boards are made in America, just the kind of company Trump supports!  While other snurfer and snowboard companies outsource their production to save money (and lose American jobs), PHNX Boards are constructed out of North American hardwoods in a plant in North Carolina, and then finished in our basement workshop in Massachusetts. When you buy a PHNX Board you get a hand-crafted product that can last a lifetime, and you can feel good about supporting US innovation.  So, MAKE SNURFING GREAT AGAIN!  And buy a PHNX Board!